Friday, April 8, 2011

Unconditional Love

I have known what unconditional love is for a long time. Technically. I feel this way toward my parents, inlaws, and of course my husband and children. But ultimately the person that taught me about unconditional love was my son. To this day I remember on my third Mothers Day (it took a LONG time for me to get to celebrate this) I went up to my childrens room to discover A~man had "finger painted" EVERYWHERE...I mean everywhere. Oh and I'm not talking your typical art supplies. I'm sure my jaw dropped to the floor. He was 2 1/2 I believe and this continued until he was probably 7. I have not told many people about that. I have cleaned up a lot of crap literally. ;) It has frustrated me, exhausted me, made me scream on very rare occasion but still I love him to bits and pieces.

Tonight reminded me of that. It has been a LONG day for the hubby and I. For me it was a good day but we spent most of the day outside playing and doing school as we had someone in the house helping finish taking the wallpaper off the kitchen. The kids, hubby and I took off all of it in the diningroom and half of the kitchen. It has taken a long long time! Finally I begged hubby that I wanted it finished and we found some very reasonable homeschool people that finished it. (well we still have to paint but that will be easy)

OK I am off track. At 6:30 we went to Z~girls soccer practice. Originally I was going to stay home and hubby was going to take both kids so I could have a break. On second thought I thought I could manage sitting to watch. ;) Halfway through A~man declares "I need to go to the bathroom." The portapotty was probably 200 feet away. I begged hubby "PLEASE go with him". He was also tired and refused. Finally I just told A~man to go by himself. (we could see it until he went in obviously) Three minutes go by. "uhh hun could you please go check?" "no I'm tired" 5 minutes" You know he's in there picking up the urinal deoderant tablet and he will probably lick it" I bet he just HAS to touch the blue water down below" What if he falls headfirst in there?"    (we have the strangest conversations as special needs parents)  BUT the falling into the urinal comment had me RUNNING to the portapotty like a fool demanding he open the door. He looks at me. I KNOW he has done something. I finally see he has thrown some rolls of tissue in the toilet. I tell him "YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE MISTER!" Yes it was minor compared to the other scenarios and less repulsive but I was tired..and at the end of my rope. In the car I kept turning around looking at him and he hung his head. (I sound so mean huh?) We get home and he showers and brushes his teeth. Then comes the nightly question "how many Slick (our dog) hugs do I get?" Can I have 3?" NO "2?" NO "1?" NO!! and then the words a mom cannot resist "can I have a mama hug?"  OF COURSE YOU CAN!!     Who could say no to a childs request for a hug? I so love my A~man and all that he and Z~girl are teaching me.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwww...poor hug-less Slick!! I hope Z-girl snuck him an extra one for A-man. ;)