Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring has us climbing trees!!!

Ok it has Z climbing trees and me revisiting my memories of childhood. She is such a monkey...always has been...and very coordinated. (me not so much) She was in ballet in preschool...started to try gymnastics (she would EXCELL she has the perfect build for it) but not interested. She is more like her mama and likes to stay in tune with nature. I remember as a child her age climbing up these giant pine trees in my grandma E's front yard (some type of evergreen anyway) WAY up....scarey no one was watching me.

So we had some very warm days here in NC earlier this week and after doing some "school work" (there has to be a better name for it ;) the kids spent several days out in our yard...with me supervising out the window and going outside. I saw Z scaling the tree and HAD to get pictures. For what it is worth this is the first time in forever she picked out a skirt to wear. (she had cut off shorts under btw ; ) She loved wearing the skirt and wants me to make her some for this summer woohoo! I thought she was done with me sewing for her and skirts are so easy.


                                                                   Look mama!

She has been HIGHER believe it or not... I just did not get it in a picture.

A fairy drifting down....



  1. Boy do I miss the climbing trees days. P used to climb so high you would have to get binoculars to find him!! :) And it was always one of my favorite activities as a kid, too. So glad the kids are enjoying spring. Hope it warms up this week so they can be right back out there!!

  2. Me too. I love the pictures! Glad they are enjoying them. I love your new blog.