Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm losing...

WEIGHT that is! It has been an extremely slow process that started back in December. I want to be a better example for my son with PWS and for my daughter. Also I think my back/hips would hurt a lot less if I weighed less. Anyone that knew me before kids would laugh as I was a bean pole. My nickname in school was stick. :(  Since Decemberish (NOT a word) I have lost about 14 pounds. Woohooooo! I am down one pant size and that makes me very happy. I would like to lose at least 20 more.

We have had a beautiful spring filled with lots of outdoor time! Here's a picture I took while were walking at one of my favorite local places.


  1. Dear Over scared me half to death!! Lol! So glad it's weight you are losing and not your sanity or something. :o)

    Just wanted to make sure you are OK before heading off to bed. Yea! for you!! Good job!


  2. congrats...sadly i cant lose...will have to put more into it i think...xxxx

  3. Oh I am SO proud of you, lady!! I've been losing and gaining right's starting to drive me absolutely bonkers. Wanna be my mentor????? ;)

  4. I just lost 35 pounds and feel so much better! You can do it!