Friday, April 29, 2011

Have you ever wondered about the Blue-footed Booby?

I remember seeing pictures of this unique creature but never knew its name. It's hard to look at a picture of one of these and not giggle. I truly believe God has a wonderful sense of humor.
I received an opportunity to do a review on an e-book from The Old Schoolhouse from The Curiosity Files about these unusual birds. The first thing I did was show Z-girl the pictures in the e-book of the birds. The pictures are excellent! Her favorite color is blue so I believe she was smitten. We have done several e-books and this one would be a wonderful one to do this summer during a break and would be a good preventative for the "MOM...I'M BORED". Or in my son's case "mom, I'm boring..heehee" It encompasses every subject imaginable: science,math, Bible,geography,writing,spelling and vocabulary! I know with my daughter a lot of it could even be done independently.

What I especially like about this e-book is that it is easy to use with a variety of ages or in our case developmental levels. There are activities to challenge from the youngest child to maybe an older child listening in about what his younger siblings are learning about. I highly recommend this e-book during a "break" to keep your child interested in always learning about new things. For 6.95 I think it is a bargain for this much potential activity and learning!

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  1. Boy did I learn something new today! What a cutie-pie of a bird!