Monday, May 2, 2011

I't my blog I can cry if I want to.

It's been a rough PWS night. Despite my monitoring the hubby found in A~man's room tonight...RED JELLO MIX. Uhhhh I do not even EAT JELLO. (since finding out what it is made out of)He also found a bunch of other wrappers for cereal bars. Do I need to add my son in the past has psychotic type reactions when he has eaten something with RED40? I'm praying for the best tomorrow though despite this consumption. For someone to look at A~man he is the perfect height/weight...his endocrinologist said this earlier this month. So for him weight is not a problem. Eating something that could harm him (red40 etc) is. For anyone reading this would you fear your child eating harmless (yet yucko imho) jello? no. I remember as a child probably doing the same. (yuck) I remember when I was probably 5 eating a tub of frozen whipped topping one early Saturday morning while watching early cartoons. The result? I vomited. My son cannot vomit. There is a chance with Prader-willi syndrome of their stomach rupturing if they consume too much. A very slim young adult with PWS had this happen in GA in the last few years.

Add to it our service provider for the last 6 months has made our life a living...heck. I can't go into the specifics with that but the very place that is supposed to look out for the needs of the consumer is only interested in one thing. Money.

Ok that is my sob story. The next one tonight will be a much brighter one. :)

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