Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Most likely I do not need to but before this sordid tale I need to say a bit about our family. (disclaimer) We are a pretty conservative Christian family, we do not watch tv (we do watch movies), we are picky about what movies we allow the kids to watch especially A~man, we do not have any questionable magazines around....etc. All that to say our kids are pretty sheltered. ;) On to my tale~

Today we began a spring scavenger hunt. I have a list of things we are checking off that have to do with spring. We were not able to check off everything as it is still pretty early in the season. When we were finishing up our hike for the day Z runs to me and exclaims "A~man says he has naked woman pictures in his POCKET!!" It took me a moment but I realized what he had. When we go to the store...get a newspaper...get our junkmail he likes to pick fliers out and collect them in his room. In the mail last week I had gotten a coupon/advertisement for Victorias Secrets. It had these coupon cards (sortof like a grocery store coupon card) from Victoria Secrets with ladies in the underwear/bra on it. I remember seeing them but didn't realize he was carrying them around in his pocket. OK I the time I did not think it was funny...but telling my hubby the story tonight....I couldn't help but laugh. I didn't make a huge deal about it at the time but I did make him give them to me...and I threw them in a trash can. I could just picture at our next homeschool activity (TOMORROW) when he is out of earshot whipping them out to show the boys...or telling them he had "naked women cards" in his pocket. Oh I KNOW that would have happened...... :)


  1. Well, my boys wll be very sorry you discovered the loot before our next gathering, then. ;)

  2. BOYS! Isn't amazing that even with their special needs they *still* gravitate towards that stuff?