Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here I am!!

It's been awhile since I've blogged! I've just been in a bit of a funk all around. I do not like to do a post and complain, complain, complain. It's just one of those times when you realize your attitude is out of whack all around...where you would just like to crawl under a rock for awhile till something positive happens. Of course when I look at the big is good...I just hate experiencing the potholes of life all at once. Most likely it's time for ME to make something positive happen. :)

I have started back that is a plus...I need to start back sewing too as those things tend to make me smile. (well as long as the sewing machine is cooperating) I have so many things to finish sewing though that it weighs me down.

Not sure if this happens with other homeschool families but now is the time when I start thinking...."hmmmm you know what? I have not done nearly enough______. " fill in blank with a subject or two. Or worrying about the fact a child is behind in one subject. With ds he naturally is but it is so darn discouraging when I think he's GOT something...and a month later it's gone. Or worrying that dd (who doesn't have sn's) is behind a year in a subject or two (well if I would have put her in her "grade" as one of the youngest in her class).  Then I catch myself looking at their many positives. Despite the fact my son fails to think before he speaks (I say with a giggle...most times) the child can talk to ANYONE. When he is done talking to them they are visibly touched by HIM...and the way he is. (I CERTAINLY do not have that affect on many people as I am quiet.)  Well...there are a rare few that are just irritated by him but they are rare and far between. And my dear daughter. I've thought about trying to compile a list of every book this child has read. (in my spare time har har) She honestly reads between 2 (not often) to 4 or 5 hours a day.  This has been going on for 4 years and she is 9. SERIOUSLY. I'm not talking piddly books...she has read every age appropriate classic (and many for older kids), every Boxcar children book, Nancy Drew, you name it...she has READ it and sometimes more than once. That is HER thing. Math will come....grammer, history....they will come. (and her reading is most likely helping that as she loves books about more than fiction) She has come a LONG way socially this year....I LOVE it!!!

Oh and more than likely...I have PMS (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) I do not keep track so I do not exactly know. But in my little social world (if you can call that) I am getting flashbacks to 7th grade being the last one picked in PE...and then being pelted in dodge ball. Ok that last part makes me giggle a bit...despite the fact it really happened. (in 7th grade that didn't really happen now ;)

Ok this post has whining, worrying, bragging, and self-pity in it. If you have read deserve a gold star! :)


  1. Oh I must add....the "potholes" I was referring to are NOT the stuff I was talking about in my post. The potholes involve $$ worries. Just wanted to clarify as the other stuff are challenges...not potholes. ;)

  2. I'm in a funk, too. Can't seem to wriggle out of it this time, either. It's the pits!! I'll get my gold star from you next time we bump into you for more than two minutes at a run. ;)

  3. I just noticed the weather forcast for the next couple of days K!!! some sunshine is bound to help! I think we will go to CS's and maybe pick up some pansies to plant.

  4. When you mentioned sewing machines breaking down, i thought of my mom. She's here helping me with Olivia while Rafe is deployed and she brought two sewing machines with her because one of them is always acting up. That's why I don't sew. I'd have to throw the machine.

    I had forgotten all about the boxcar series until you mentioned them!! I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Fond memories.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I must say I really enjoy your writing. I'm going to put you in my reader!

    Keep a thankful heart and the potholes don't seem so big!

  6. Dear Over Yonder, I'm so sorry you've been in a funk. But when I read your sound so NORMAL. How many times I've been through that over the years. It's a big side effect of homeschooling. We can never do anything 'good enough'. There are holes and always will be. I've finally figured out that there's no hole that can't be fixed by a local junior college..LoL!

    Sunshine is the PERFECT rememedy. I was in a funk three weeks ago and I'm pretty sure it showed on my blog. I was almost afraid to write because my 'downness' showed.

    Hang in there girl! You are doing a SUPER job. Isn't God good to give us the joy of just being able to appreciate our children's loveliness even in the midst of our own darkness? I'm glad you have that. :o)