Monday, October 14, 2013

My Weekly Change 3 Challenge Update

It's been another week on the challenge and here is how I am doing thus far!

1. This one is a BIG ONE (for me) I am going to get to bed before midnight this month.

Well...this one is NOT going well. As you can maybe see it is almost 1 AM. I honestly would love any advice on this one, especially from parents of children with special needs. (even more so from those that homeschool) I need more sleep. Here is how our normal evening goes: After eating we watch something on Netflix with the kids. Somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 we go upstairs and A~man bathes and goes to bed. (needs supervised) Z~girl plays her violin and does the dishes and I strive for her to be in bed by 9:30 but it is normally 10:00-10:30. (future night owl?) About every other day at 8:30 I take a long hot bath. (helps my hip/back issues) Then, hubby and I watch Netlflix for about an hour..sometimes a bit longer. After that I get on the computer....auhhh maybe that is the key. Maybe after watching Netflix with the hubby I need to just go to bed? It's worth a try.

2. I am going to drink a gallon of water a day. I am almost there! I drink 7 glasses most days with a couple days more like 6. 1 of those glasses is with a tablespoon of honey and raw applecider vinegar in the morning. The good thing is that I am always aware...before we walk I remember to drink a glass. I have even started keeping a glass in our bathroom and on occasion drinking it, ahem, when I am in there! The infused waters are AMAZING. I have used our frozen strawberries, mint from our yard, lemons, and also some wonderful wild orange and lemon essential oils in my water. (fyi not all essential oils are consumable..make sure!) Here is one I am going to try for tomorrow that I saw on Pinterest. (copying the photo from there BTW so it's not my own) One thing I have noticed though is that if my daughter in particular sees me making a quart mason jar of infused water she thinks it is to share. But in keeping track of how much I drink I keep some just for myself. I love that the rest of my family likes flavored water though so I try and make sure they have some too!

Apple Cinnamon Water

I'm not sure if it does what is says BUT I bet it tastes yummy!

3. What is number three? I tend to be a packrat. I have gotten better but I have a long way to go. So...everyday for the month of October I am going to either give away, throw away, or sell 30 items every day.

I have probably done this 4/7 days. Maybe I set the number too high. But even from just those four days I have noticed a HUGE difference in the clutter. So despite the fact I haven't done it 7 days I do notice improvement. I only wish I had taken some before pictures like a fellow challenger did. I wasn't that brave. ;) Plus the room that the clutter came from (mainly our bedroom) came under attack by our pooch before I got wise this month and started crating him when we are outside of the house. He tore a huge hole in our carpet trying to burrow his way under the door? I think we were away from the house less than 2 hours that day. The dog has issues. Plus some other damage he has done on the wood around the door....

Keep it up Change 3 Challenge gals!!!!!


  1. Thank you Heather! I'm not sure if it is my imagination but my jeans seem to be getting looser too! Maybe because of the water?

    How is your family in SD doing?

  2. I am totally going to have to make some of this water! You are doing so good on your challenges! I think as long as you are making progress then you are doing great! We have a dog like that too. She seems to have some anxiety problems and when we used to leave her in the house she would tear it up. We ended up buying a runner at Kmart and during the day when we had to leave she went out on the runner in the backyard (we had to put her in the back where she wouldnt see anybody and go crazy barking). Dogs- gotta love them!lol! I am on the same boat with you with the sleeping thing. Jayden just doesnt sleep, and Charlye seems to be following his patterns too.Ill post this this weekend on the FB page and see if anyone has any advice for us!

  3. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!!

  4. You are so SWEET :) Thank you! You need to come over and cut some of my mint. You can dry it or freeze it. Love my mint.