Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Change 3 Challenge Update

Here are my original goals for the Change 3 Update. Unfortunately I have failed miserably with all of these this week. Well, except I am still drinking more water than I was. Have you ever had a week that it feels like you blink and then it is over? That was how this week went.

We did do some of our homeschool middle school work and A~man has been working on refreshing his knowledge of syllables but beyond that I was working on getting ready for his birthday. Gosh, he is now 14. *stunned* Wasn't he the little itty bitty bundle in my arms just a short time ago? (I need to look for those photos!) Here is one of him this week though. He is such a handsome young man! We got him new John Deere bedding and decorations plus a blow up couch for his room that he likes so much he is sleeping on it. Also he has a late present coming tomorrow (metal detector) that he has been wanting for a long time. Plus an Itunes card and some money from friends and family. (money isn't the best PWS gift I might causes a lot of anxiety but I love how kind people are!) He had a good birthday!

We also have been trying to spend a lot of time outside before it gets cold. Today on our walk Z~girl stepped on a baby water snake, (we really LOOKED at it as A~man almost stepped on a baby copper head a couple of months ago) so we stopped and studied it. It was fine despite being stepped on but it tried to make itself as big as it could side winding off the path! Today on our walk we also found a newly hatched snapping turtle. I wish I would have had my camera it was so cute! The first time we saw it it was playing dead...we thought it was dead. We walked by the same spot about 10 minutes later and saw it walking off. I didn't think this was the time of the year that babies would be hatching?

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and this week can be a new start for my Change 3 Challenges. Hopefully next week I will have a little better progress to report than this week.


  1. What a great photo of your A~Man! :) Good luck with your challenges next week.


  2. Take things one day at a time. Don't give yourself a hard time. That's a challenge I have a hard time with..