Friday, November 30, 2012

Homeschool and Holidays?

What do other homeschoolers do during the holidays? We pretty much homeschool year round, except for taking a month off in the summer, and a day here and there throughout the year. I'm thinking about taking a break in December, BUT instead of just not doing school work....we will probably just do things differently. I have learned that completely taking off from school results in a loss of routine and a lot of boredom for both kids but especially A~man. He does not do well with complete downtime. With all of the excitement that goes along with this time of year I need something to distract him in particular. 

I would love to hear what other homeschoolers do! I do know that we will take a break from our online curriculum, plan some local seasonal activities like looking at Christmas lights, visiting a gingerbread house display, making some gifts and crafts, maybe go caroling, and go to some special church services. We will also make some cookies, although with the stress of PWS we limit that activity quite a bit. 

Meanwhile, I will go on a search for some unit studies or maybe even a lapbook to do over the next month. Does anyone know of any good ones about winter or Christmas that they would share with me? I might also make some flashcards to practice some spelling words over our break.

For now though, I will go decorate our tree!


  1. Because I don't homeschool Trevy yet...our holidays and vacations line up with his school breaks. I always tell myself we're going to stick with our schedule even if he's home. Somehow that never seems to happen. :/

    The thing is...Trevy does NOT handle breaks in routine well at all. Downtime is NOT relaxing for him and then in turn for the rest of us.

    Soooooo...I've already been thinking for this year's Christmas break I'm going to try and do some extras that are more hands on and he can be included in. I have several Magic School Bus Science kits to do. I want to add pages to our nature journals. Bake cookies for the neighbors. More relaxed but still schooling. I'll pray for you if you'll pray for me! :P

    It'll be a good test the waters with Trevy too.


  2. We take off from Thanksgiving to New Year's. We don't do *nothing* but it's a definite break from our normal. Holiday unit studies and online games we do. Independent reading is done as well. That's about it. :)

    Good luck with your time off! :D