Sunday, September 16, 2012

This school year is off to a great start!

Just this last week it dawned on me that after this next year we will be halfway through our homeschool journey. How can that be? Our first year started when A~man was halfway through his kindergarten year and we realized that homeschooling would be a better solution to me having the teachers call me to come pick him up everyday. Not to mention the three hour time out he had in his final classroom. Yes, a child with ADHD, autism and Prader-Willi was put in timeout for 3 hours. Z~girl joined our homeschool that following fall as she attended a preschool the spring that we started homeschooling. Homeschooling a child with learning disabilities has not for the faint of heart but I honestly would not have changed a thing!

We started back with official "school" in August and having a morning routine has helped the behaviors of both kids so much. We are pretty flexible/eclectic homeschoolers in the afternoon but having the morning planned out seems to equal us having a good start to the day. This year we have started using SpellingCity a lot more and I recently discovered a teaching resource page with all kinds of teaching ideas I plan on utilizing!

This is the 4th  year that we have been in a geography club, although I'm not sure what country we are going to do yet. Each month a family does a presentation on a selected country. In the past we have done Australia, Madagascar, and Dennark. It's a fun learning event plus great fun socializing with friends! We also have violin, P.E., soccer, special needs baseball, and a possible running club forming. Last year we were in a 4H lego club but we are trying to decide on remaining in that club. Oh and have I mentioned? Tomorrow we are getting a chicken coop! I have wanted chickens FOREVER. Phew...we have a lot going on and hopefully we won't have to weed any of the activities out but we may if it proves to be too busy. I treasure our times at home most of all.

What extra activities do you all participate in?

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