Sunday, August 12, 2012

A weekend to explore!

This year we did not have a lot of extra money to go on a long vacation far away, so instead, we have taken a few small ones. Yesterday we met up with some friends that moved to Tennessee last year which is not far from where we live. I have known my friend for over 10 years but we have never met in person until this weekend! If I told some of my family that I have "computer friends" they would really wonder about me. (more so than they already do) I have met a lot of wonderful ladies though with similar interests and similar life journeys.

Oh, and a true test of character is how someone reacts to my kids, especially A~man. This family passed the test with flying colors! This particular friend has heard the tales and triumphs of our family over the years so she was prepared. Her husband was equally nice and shared a similar warped sense of humor that we do. HAHA!

She and her husband also have two very sweet redheads! All of the kids had so much fun exploring nature together. "H" and "T" were very much into climbing and looking for bugs just like my two.

Last week we started easing back into more "formal" schooling. We had taken a two month break from our online homeschool curriculum, which is more time than I had planned, but I think the break was good. They were more than eager to start back up! Also last week I started A~man reading some awesome biography chapter books. The first one is on George Washington as for whatever reason he is really interested in him. A couple of years ago he read a more easy reader on him and to this day he can tell you the basic facts about George's early years growing up. Next week I'm going to add math for A~man and for Z~girl. The weather is so beautiful that the rest of our days will hopefully be spent exploring nature and working on a nature notebook. I want to come up with a list of nature words and use them in a MatchIt definition worksheet for a little bit of sit down work.

Do you ease back in to the new school year or do you jump right in with both feet??

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  1. What a COOL thing to do for a short some longtime internet pals! That is AWESOME!! I'm so glad you had a good time. :) Well, I guess me and my only homeschooler (how WEIRD is that?!) will be jumping in with both feet toward the end of this month. We have sure enjoyed the break, doubt about it!