Sunday, April 15, 2012

Using Workboxes

The way our family homeschools could definitely be described as eclectic homeschooling. I've tried to concentrate on different homeschool styles like classical homeschooling, but always end up having to mix things up a bit. Also,what I use for my 10 year old typically developing child often doesn't work with my 12 year old son that learns differently. With him I usually have to approach a subject or concept several different ways before it fully sinks in.

Years ago we did a workbox system. I had about 8 plastic shoe boxes filled for each child with different learning activities in each box. Some of the activities could be done independently and others needed my assistance. I'm thinking about going back to that system next fall. A big part of our curriculum comes from using Time4Learning so there would be a computer card maybe listing how many things they were to pick while using the computer. In another box could include a Time4Learning worksheet to go with what they were learning on the computer. In the past I also included crafts,puzzles,stationary to write a letter,tangrams,books that I wanted them to read a chapter in, and fine motor activities especially for my son.

Here is a workbox photo I "borrowed" from the web. This is similar to the way we did it when our homeschool room was in the basement. I'm thinking about moving things down there again now that we have wireless but, we will see. It's so dark in our basement that we always end up migrating up to our sunny upstairs!

With workboxes you are able to use various curriculum and sort of mesh it together and make it work. I really like the idea of combining their computer work with more hands on activities. It worked really well years ago and I cannot remember why we stopped doing it that way. The only thing I can think of is that it could be really time consuming loading up the boxes each evening or morning.  I'm going to be brainstorming ways to simplify it so check back as I will share my ideas. I welcome anyone else that uses workboxes ideas too!

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  1. This is really very cool. I don't have the space to do this, but I really like it and wish I did! My son is doing something similar in his room, but not for the rest of the children. Thanks for sharing!