Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is the number of people homeschooling increasing?

It seems like wherever we go I hear more and more about the increasing number of people that homeschool. When we are out in the community during "normal" school hours, occasionally we will get asked, "Oh, is there no school today?" This starts the conversation about the fact that we homeschool and more often than not the person will mention that someone close to them (relative,neighbor,friend) either was homeschooling or they knew an adult that had been taught at home.

 I am happy to report that the negative comments we have gotten are rare. The only negative situation that I have encountered this year was when it felt like a cashier and bagger ganged up on my kids,drilling them with a math story problem. A tricky one that they could not answer, much to the employees amusement. Most of the time the comments I get are more along the lines of how wonderful they think it is to be able to teach your own children and how well behaved and polite mine are (typically hahah, NO child is perfectly behaved) in public.

If homeschool statistics are any indication home education is indeed on the rise. Now,do I think that everyone should homeschool? No. Do I think less of people that choose to send their children to public or private school? No. Do I like the fact that it is becoming more acceptable to educate at home? YES! I know  that a person should not base their choices on people's opinion but I admit, it is encouraging for people to see that educating at home is a viable alternative to educate a child.

The possible reasons for homeschooling are infinite- 
  • Wanting to give a Christian centered education
  • Choosing to have a secular education
  • One on one education for a child with special needs
  • A child being bullied in regular school
  • One of my personal favorite reasons is integrating learning into life.
This list could go on and on obviously, but all of the reasons boil down to the fact that homeschooling is increasing and a majority of the children that are being homeschooled are being given the opportunity to achieve their own personal bests!

I found this fact sheet this week that illustrates how well statistics show that homeschooling does in fact do what it sets out to accomplish!

Homeschool Domination
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  1. LOVE your graphic!

    It does seem like homeschooling has become so much more mainstream. And we almost NEVER get negative comments!