Monday, July 28, 2014

Review- Adventures in Mindful Living's 6 Week Transformation

This spring I was able to try out a 6 Week Transformation that a local friend and homeschool blogger created. I definitely needed a kick start to change some of my old bad eating habits and this was just the thing! Weight loss is something I really need to focus on but more than that making wise food choices that would affect how my body worked. Sure, that doughnut for breakfast sounds appealing but 20 minutes later it will lay in your stomach like a rock. Amber from Adventures in Mindful Living gives you a healthy plan that assists your body to work they way God intended it.

                                                6 Week Transformation with Amber Neal Adventures In Mindful Living

So what is a good choice for breakfast instead of that doughnut? A protein shake full of fruits and veggies! This is something we already would make on occasion but Amber has some amazing recipes and combined with some Juice Plus protein powder it will truly stick with you until lunchtime. If I were to have a doughnut I would be hungry an hour later.

What about lunch? Typically I would make sandwiches for lunch. Amber gave me several recipes for healthy, hearty, and delicious soups for lunch. What I really liked was the recipes would make a huge batch of soup so I could eat it for more more than one meal. My family joined me in eating the soups too!

Dinner is the area that I didn't follow the plan like I should. Amber comes up with a weeks worth of dinner recipes but considering my husband loves to cook he ended up using his own creativity for what we had in the evenings. The meals I did make were very yummy and satisfying though and were tailored around whether you were a vegetarian or not. We like both types of meals so those were the recipes we were given.

The 6 Week Transformation goes beyond just a meal plan though. Each week she gives you a step to focus on to improve your health such as healthy snack choices and drinking enough water. She also gives you lots of recipes for some yummy snacks and plenty of recommendations for serving sizes with your nightly meals.

I didn't lose weight (I need to break the bad habit of snacking at night) but that was due to not following it exactly the way it is intended. I did gain a lot of good habits though as I am drinking plenty of water, I've about quit all soft drinks (except maybe a couple of times a month), and most mornings I am still drinking the yummy vitamin packed smoothies. My son now begs me to make him one too in the morning when I make one for my hubby and I. I will also be continuing with the soups for lunch.

If you are interested in the 6 Week Transformation I really encourage you to visit Amber over at Adventures in Mindful Living. That link will take you over to all the information you might need to get started! If you look through her wonderful blog you will also be able to find a lot of the delicious smoothie, soup, and dinner recipes that I was able to try out.
                                                Berry Cherry Smoothie! One of the many delicious and really good for you smoothie recipes on Adventures in Mindful Livings Smoothie Love Series! Come check it out!!

In fact here is a link to my favorite smoothie recipe- Berry Cherry Smoothie. I replaced the almond milk with rice milk due to allergies my son and I have. It is SO YUMMY! I also discovered by accident that if you by chance put your baby spinach in the freezer (oopsy!) that it works just fine in your smoothies. I think it even blends up better frozen.

I highly encourage you to check this program out if you need to make some changes in your diet whether it is for weight loss of just to feel better! Right now Amber is having a special where you get the program free when you order the Juice Plus Complete protein mix from her. I have tried out numerous protein powders over the last 30 (yes 30 hahaha) years and this was honestly my favorite.

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