Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Much Do You Depend on Technology?

I honestly think that the fact I can access my computer whenever I want is something I have taken for granted. We have had a computer in our home for probably 16 or 17 years and I never really think about how much I do on the computer daily whether it is blogging, work, the kids online school work, or just playing on Facebook, but then let it break down.

Last week our computer called it quits beyond repair. I completely went into a panic as I had so many things I was working on and so many things that needed to be completed. Without a computer I could do none of the tasks that I needed to. I even thought about going to the library but that would have been about impossible as my computer had all of the passwords saved of everywhere I needed to go to online for work. I was just thankful that we had finished up pretty much all of the kids schoolwork for the year so there was no homeschool science falling behind. I did find myself without thinking, going towards the computer numerous times to look up a phone number, look on Amazon...

Yesterday we got a new computer and I spent the afternoon scouring through old emails looking for passwords I needed. (there were a LOT) It was a relief when I was able to get most of it lined back out and complete the stuff I needed to. I will definitely be spending the rest of the week playing catch up though.

What did I get done while I was without a computer? The house was a lot cleaner that is for sure, hahaha! I also played games with the kids and spent more time outside walking and watching the chickens. We had a super fun Saturday that I hope to blog about soon. So it was definitely not time that was wasted but hopefully next time I have better control on when I get to spend a computer free weekend!

How much do you depend on technology on a daily basis? 

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  1. This post hit home! You never know how much you need a computer until you don't have one! My laptop has decided some of the websites I go to for work just will not function, so I'm using the house desktop. Of course, there are not links, favorite places, passwords, etc. that I use on a daily basis! I've been meaning to back up my laptop since it is on its way out (metallic rattling sounds when tipped, non-existent hinges are not good signs, right?!). Anyway, thanks for reminding me that I want to schedule my computer free weekend not have it choose me!
    Time4Learning homeschooler of one really busy kid!