Sunday, September 22, 2013

Looking back...

Tonight I started to think about when I first started blogging. I have a blog at a different site and I just went there. (back in Jan 2005 and I have 722 entries in that old blog...wish I could import them!) Talk about a flash back! I was looking for a poem in particular about my daughter. She has always been feisty and high spirited. This shocks most people because we are the only ones to see this side of her. She is normally very quiet and subdued in social situations like her mama. Recently we went out to eat with friends and my friend mentioned how quiet Z is. Z winked at me. It's our private joke that both of us are quiet in a group but at home.... we are not so much. I do not have her temper but one on one I can talk a lot and so can she.

Anyway here is the blog entry I was looking for from my old blog. Plus an old picture and a poem I wrote back then.

Oh Princess of Drama... 

Silk hair of rose gold
Temperamental darling
constantly conflict
Everlasting love remains.

It's going to be a LONG day. Zoe denies that she is sick...she has a fever. She's clingy, grumpy and emotional bless her heart.This is starting out to be one of those days I will eventually look back with affection on but getting through it will be a different story. Maybe we will make some playdoh that will make her happy.

I wrote that back when she was 4 and she is now 12. Not surprisingly the poem still applies. I wouldn't change her for the world but it has been a rough couple of weeks with her. I think she has a bit of Peter Pan syndrome right now. I say that half jokingly. In some ways she is mature beyond her years and is very responsible in taking care of the pets, doing dishes, (she IS my nighttime dishwasher ;)  and she practices her violin every night without any prompting. But she is sassy, defensive, and does NOT like to be corrected or for me to watch her do her school work. This is sometimes okay but not when she needs help with her math or writing. OH... and do not mention to her that she is almost a teenager! (she wants to stay little)

This week is looking to be busy once again! With music lessons, soccer practice, a farm field trip, PE and making some vocabulary flashcards we will be staying busy. I'm also reading a new book for a homeschool book review that I hope to share soon. I am also hoping my writing resistant (well...she is right now) daughter will help me out with the newest review! So far it has been a fun book to read.

Here is a more recent photo for comparison of *gulp* 8 years! 

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  1. Owls are my "right now obsession," so I LOVE your daughter's shirt! :D