Sunday, October 7, 2012

Any guesses where we went this weekend?

This weekend we took a break from doing math and english practice worksheets and decided to have an early celebration of A~man's birthday that is coming up later this month. I will give you a few clues to one of the places that he has ALWAYS been fascinated with ever since he was a munchkin. (although this is OUR first time actually visiting!)

This is a strange sight we saw upon arriving.

We had to ride one of these to get there. Have I ever mentioned I am afraid of heights? It absolutely made my head spin!! On the way back down, because of where I was sitting, I got absolutely soaked to the bone!

Needless to say I got chilled and now feel very under the weather.

Plus, on the way home we took a wrong turn and got just a little lost.

 Honestly, it was pretty scary!

 We arrived home a lot later than we intended. So fill in the blank_______ if you think you know where our little adventure took us. I will post more details in a few days. All I can say is, there's no place like home!