Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Plan of action!

We have already started "school" a month ago. We are doing and also through the Old Schoolhouse Magazine we are getting the opportunity to try out and So far so good with both of these sites. A~man in particular does really well with computer learning as it really seems to hold his interest as he is a visual learner.

In September I hope to add in the rest-

Science- Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space by Bright Ideas Press. I actually got this for last year but we ended up doing science a bit more interest led.

History- Mystery of History Volume I Creation to the Resurrection. I started this one last year too but we ended up doing our own thing with library books and history videos last year. Also we will be going through the book/videos from America The Story of Us. I think will have the hubby do this actually with them. ;) He is the history buff and honestly taught me all of the US history I know as the school I went to failed to teach me ANY history. (I'm sadly serious about this) So history is something I have been learning along with the kids!

Grammar- We are using Easy Grammar/Daily Grams by Easy Grammar Systems.

Literature- My favorite! :) First off we are going to read "Where the Red Fern Grows" together and do a unit study on it. Z has already seen the movie but we all know the books better than the moive remakes.

Spelling- I have never really used a spelling curriculum *gasp* I do find sample spelling lists by grade and include them in our writing assignments or in playing spelling games online. I am AMAZED how well Z spells without teaching her "formally" spelling. Ok now I'm bragging, sorry. ;)

Mathematics Masterning Mathematics. We have been using this for a few years and I hoped to try something different (NOT in the budget though) but with using the two online places and mixing it with some MM I think it will work out great.

Reading- For the A~man Time4Learning and I'm hoping to get him back to reading to us twice a day. His reading progresses very slow...but it still progresses.

Writing- We do this informally. Z once a month is making a newspaper that she brings to the neighbors and sends to the grandparents. I cannot tell you how fun this is for her! There is weather, current local events and of course a comics page. Her brother is an contributing writer that often also supplies an art page. Both kids write lots of letters and thank you cards throughout the year. Every couple of months we will do a copy book to work on pennmanship and also on occasion we work on our A Reason For Handwriting books.

Art Another one of my favorites that we do not use a set curriculum. I do want to do more of this, by myself and with the kids. We do have an awesome couple sets of Go Fish for Art cards that I highly recommend.

Then add in Girl Scouts, Geography Club, violin and a fun new 4H club we joined that teaches robotics through legos. It should be a busy fun year!


  1. Heck, I got tired just reading all of that!

  2. That's a big compliment coming from YOU my dear. :)

  3. How great! We did Time 4 Learning last year after the baby was born. It was such a life saver for us, I really loved it. I have also tried Mystery of History and considered selling it this year, but then changed my mind. We've also done our own thing with History (and Science too), but I may consider using MOH again some. It's a good book! What an AWESOME idea making their own little newspaper!!!! My children would LOVE doing something like that for their grandparents!!! Great blog!!!