Friday, August 12, 2011


Everyone has dreams and aspirations. With a child with extra needs I think it can be even more. Over the last couple of years he is obsessed with who can drive and who cannot drive. I have friends on my FB that either have Prader-willi syndrome or have kids with PWS. It is his current obsession to ask whoever he knows how old they are and if they can drive. He asks this of his friends in the community (that work in stores and have special needs)if THEY can drive. Heck he asks any teenager if they drive or have their "permit". One of his favorites (and mine too) is a young man who bags groceries that has Down Syndrome. This young man is A~mans hero....he wants to be just like him. But no he is not able to drive a car either. I think in the next year or so it will sink in that most likely A~man will NOT be able to drive a vehicle. There have been times this makes me sad. Then I look back at what the predictions(by doctors)of his prognosis and see how far he has surpassed EVERY thing all of the doctors said. Super A~man is a little miracle. (ok he is not little anymore and I'm dealing with that hahahaah)

Another thing he is obsessed with tractors, lawn mowers and weed whackers. This last year he has really progressed with his art work and I need to post some of his abstract tractor pictures. They are REALLY good! Anyway recently we purchased a reel lawn mower. The non motor kind you push around. Our yard is a bit big for such a machine but between hubby, Z AND A~man...the yard is looking good. A~has talked for years about wanting to mow the yard and he is learning to do just that! Hubby made a video that I'm going to try and attach to this post. Z and I were inside working on her school work when they did this video but when I saw it I could just see how proud of himself A was!!! I hope he will grow to realize the many things he CAN do! A VS the lawnmower


  1. Hmm. Ayden Jane is already drilling me about who can drive. The video was great.

  2. Looks like he is progressing! You are doing great as a mom!

  3. He did great with the mowing! I'm jealous you have green grass, everything here is dead.

    OK, now you have to post Aubrey's tractor artwork. My youngest is obsessed with tractors, too, so he'll be THRILLED to see them.