Wednesday, November 24, 2010

we could have used an autism card today....

Before the hubby turned into bed...and I came upstairs to blog I said this to my husband "we sure could have used an autism card today. His response...which made me giggle...the kindof of relief giggle after a stressful day "we could have used an airplane full of autism cards dropped on us today!"

Autism is not our sons primary diagnosis but it is the one that seems to affect most of his challenges. Even more so than the food issues with PWS. I'm not sure what happened today. It was a red40 day but I know he didn't have any. It was one thing after another in a downward spiral. Once it started down if felt like there was no way to reverse direction. He felt this too. In the afternoon after Thanksgiving shopping he was going to get a haircut. WELL his barber closed early due to the holiday. THAT'S when things got real ugly. He semi recovered until we went in a store and bought a couple advent calendars (the ones with chocolate) and found some Jumping Beans also. My dd and I have been looking for some and A~man found some at the check out...asking the clerk what they were. I got some for US....he thought I was getting them for Him--------> this resulted in a block later him going ballistic saying he wanted to kill me at the top of his lungs and running from me. He was wearing a hoody and when I saw he was going to bolt (into the street) I grabbed his hood thus causing him to scream I was choking him. On and on and on it went. I'm not sure if people saw...I was just trying to keep him safe. He refused to hold my hand and walk finally his little angel sister offered her hand and off we went.

Later a repeat as we went to another grocery store to get an item I could not find and some redbox movies. We go into this store a lot...he knows everyones name. I'm not sure what triggered it this time but it was related to the movies we were getting. Hubby had him this time....and had to drag him out of the store while I finished shopping. He was screaming he wanted to kill "enter each employees name" :( . I"m not sure anyone heard but I do not know how they couldn't.

Too much shopping? was it the hot cocoa in the morning? who knows the cause....but a card sure woulda come in handy!


  1. Sounds like YOU may be the one needing the your inbox today!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Dear sweet friend, My heart goes out to you! What a day! That must be so difficult! Do you know, my son (20) is working with an autistic child and is so inspired at being able to help him that he's decided to completely change his career direction and get his psychology degree so that he can work with autistic children. He wants to approach it from a Christian perspective though.

    I pray the Lord gives you better days ahead and wisdom as to what triggered the struggles for your little guy.


  3. That is AWESOME Donna!!! Yeah for each bad day I have a dozen good ones....can't really complain. :) He's honestly teaching us so much! and everyone he comes in contact with. I started working with people with SN's right before I was married...around 20. I worked in a state mental hospital for 6 months. Those 6 months shaped me in a way college never also influenced my husband whos heart is working with adults with SN'S.