Sunday, June 21, 2009

I really blew it today!

Normally I am a quiet spoken.....PATIENT person. I guess after today I will start over with the patient part of that book I was (and started back) reading.

It started out nice enough we went to church, out to eat a nice dinner, then we walked downtown and I had hubby pick out a new hat and a nice shirt.

I need to back track a bit. It took me a LONG time to become mommy....mothers day means a LOT to me. This year I got back from visiting my mom the day before mothers day. For mothers day I did not get a card or anything BUT we went out to eat somewhere nice. I held it together.....thought I was over it.

Today hubby got a card for the mother of the young man he is working her dad is dying. I FLIPPED. I guess I kept some things bottled up too much. I went off on him asking WHY did I not get a card for mothers day, HE did not get his own mother a card (I did and she knew it as I sent it from Wa....big points from MIL on that one;) He did not send his mother a card or anything when she was going through her cancer treatments. (the kids and I did but should have more) I kindof lost it. I was just so mad that he would think to send this lady a card (not worried about a romantic problem;) just the whole principle of it! It really turned into a huge Mars Venus thing and I made him cry. I had reason to be mad but geesh I really over reacted and blew it today. He's working tonight so he is not home. We NEVER fight so I am so upset....I partly blame my PMDD. I only get it bad 4 or 5 times a year but's in full force and I lost my self control.


  1. I have to reason I am a mess today is I am missing my dad.....and my father in law. My dad passed away 5 yrs ago Jan in his sleep...he had alzheimers. My FIL passed away a 5 years ago Aug....just a week or so after Zoe's 3rd birthday...he had cancer and I believe he was just holding on a go to her birthday. I have the most precious picture of Zoe hugging pop pop on her third bday...sob.

  2. totally understandable...massive aussie hugs.

    Holding you gently as you miss for Dad and FIL.