Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Spring Break Do Over

Last week we decided to try having another spring break. Well it started out with Lucy the chicken dying in Z~girls arms. The awfulness of that is described over in my hubby's blog so I won't rehash it here. Thankfully, we will be getting 7 more chicks in the mail to add to our brood this week, so that will be fun! We decided to order through the mail so that we were able to get a specific selection of breeds. It is quite a mix!

When I planned last week out I looked at the weather and although it was supposed to have a couple rainy days, the weekend was going to be clear and sunny. After the last 5 months that we have had you would think I would have learned that the weather can change and WILL change. We had planned on getting a cabin at our favorite camping spot and spending Saturday night and then going to the Easter service at the campground. It poured and thankfully we stayed home. We spent Sunday dying eggs and cooking dinner for the grandparents when they came over that night. All in all it was a very nice day despite the change of plans. So now I'm looking at the weather again...trying to figure out the warmest day to go camping.

Cuddle time

Oh,one very good thing that happened last week was that we were able to observe the birth of two baby goats at the place where Z~girl volunteers. She (and we) have wanted to see it for a couple of years. Hubby and I have both seen animals being born but the kids hadn't and it was beyond words AWESOME!  The goat, Addie, did start to have some complications so they called a vet to come help deliver but it was so neat to watch! Surely I can count that day as a "homeschool day" right? 

Today I have designated teacher work day. We pretty much homeschool year around but we do our annual testing in June and then take off July until the second week of August. (we have 3 birthdays within that time) Well, I should say Z~girl has that time off but we normally keep up with some things with A~man as he has a harder time entertaining himself and then ends up getting in trouble. LOL I'll probably do a unit study for him during that time. So I need to plan out the next 2+ months before that. Z~girl is about to try out a writing class through Time4Writing before the end of the school year and I would also like to look at some homeschool science reviews to determine what we may need for next year. I would appreciate any suggestions for science! 

Well, I am off to make another cup of coffee, warm up some yummy Easter leftovers, and get started with my lesson plans. It is a beautiful day so I am hoping for a LONG walk in the sun. 

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  1. So sorry about your sweet girl's chicken. :( I'm sure the new ones won't replace it, but I hope she bonds with them quickly. :)