Sunday, July 7, 2013

Testing is done....finally!

After having to reschedule our end of year testing back in June I can finally say it it now over. It was a new tester as the woman that had done it in years past was no longer doing testing. The new lady was very nice! I'm not sure what the former tester had told her but I believe she had done a lot of praying before coming over. (not that bad of an idea LOL) I'm guessing that she had heard that it can be hard to keep A~man's attention focused and on task.

So how did it go? I'm not sure if A~man was nervous or what but he was unusually quiet with no extra chatter. This is highly unusual of him. He was compliant though and tested for about an hour and a half. The results? On a majority he had either regressed or had made no gains. He did make a couple of really big gains (for him) on a couple of reading tasks. Honestly I do not know how to feel. I will say I highly praised him as he was very compliant. I told him he did just fine. I am trying REALLY hard not to blame myself as I think last year went well. With how subdued he was acting I'm not 100% sure his testing was completely accurate.

The big gain I try to keep reminding myself is how far he has come behaviorally, socially and cognitively since that first time he was tested 7 or so years ago. I do not think she could get in a half hour and it wasn't a pleasant one. He has really grown up, gained new skills, with baby steps his reading improves each year. He is a polite, (most of the time ;) sweet and very kind young man. I am going to switch things up a bit next year, maybe add some fun with learning about food chains and do a lot more activities using manipulatives for his leaning.

How did Z~girl do? Her results were on the other extreme. She tested years ahead of her grade level...she made a HUGE jump this year. The only challenging areas for her was math (no surprise there) and writing. I will admit...up until now I have used an almost unschool approach with writing with Z~girl. She writes daily but I think I am going to get her some more formal online tutoring in writing. I have no doubt that she will pick it up quick as she likes to write. Math? I am hoping a friend will be able to tutor her in it this fall as that is the one subject that she and I butt heads. 

Such totally different kids but so totally wonderful they are. This new tester "C" gave me so much helpful information after the testing. This next week maybe I will be more able to absorb it better (I had her write it down) and come up with a plan for the new year.  Which I am thinking about starting soon as A~man is bored without having things planned. Z~girl is completely happy reading her books and taking care of her rabbits, dog and chickens. We are hoping to take a trip to PA in Sept as we have never been and we have a niece working there. So....maybe I'll try and get 4 weeks of schooling in before our vacation. 

Oh, I forgot! The tester "C" did go out of her way to say how nice my kids are. They TRULY are nice kids and I adore them and I am proud of them!

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  1. Glad to hear that testing is done, and went well enough. I hope that you guys can get to that PA vacation! :)