Sunday, March 25, 2012


Spring is here even though it feels like we skipped right over winter. I think we may have had a couple dustings of snow and just a small bit of freezing weather in December. It was the end of January when the first flowers were popping their heads out of the ground! So many things are in bloom now that normally do not bloom until the end of April!

The weather also has been perfect for often taking our "school" outside. Here's a picture of Z~girl soaking up the sun while doing her online schooling on our deck! Who says you can only do computer work and learning games inside the house?

We've also started planting some vegetable plants and seeds. So far we have broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and lettuce growing! I also planted some bachelor button seeds. Growing up those were some of my favorite flowers.

We are also researching getting some chickens for our backyard. Right now we are trying to either buy or find plans on making a sturdy hen house that is attractive enough to be a nice addition to our yard. We LOVE fresh eggs!

In a week or two we will be taking a week long "spring break". We are hoping for a couple days of camping either locally or in Tennessee. Maybe the rest of our spring break will be spent building a hen house! I LOVE spring in the mountains!!

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  1. I find myself working more and more on the deck as well! Spring fever is in full attack-mode around here!