Thursday, January 26, 2012

laughing on the inside

Tonight we went to our local Chick Fil A. I have pretty much sworn off most other fast food places but I love Chick Fil A on occasion. Well we were getting up to leave and my husband had already gotten up to empty our tray. Z was following hubby and A~man was with me. There on the side of the table sat a ketchup container. I'm not talking about the little foil pouches of ketchup. I'm talking about the new pouches that hold three times MORE ketchup. Do you see where this is going? Do you? If not I will show you a picture-

There it sat. A~man looked down and after that everything was in slow motion and I could not do a thing to stop it. He karate chopped it. No exaggeration ketchup went all over our booth and six feet beyond.  Honestly I do not think he meant to do it. He was pretending to karate chop it and his hand slipped. IT WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE. A few seconds before I noticed a homeschool mom with her two kids walk by. (I do not know them but recognize them from some event)  I did not yell. I may have exclaimed but I did not yell. I'm sure if someone was studying my face they would have noticed I almost...almost busted out laughing. I knew the harm that would follow if I did that. It would happen over and over. I very firmly told him to go get napkins and clean it all up. After the initial shock wore off his face (he didn't really plan on doing it) he ran off to get napkins and promptly cleaned it up. I was mad, I was embarrassed and by gosh I was about to bust out in hysterics. I did not look around for reactions from others...I just remember hearing the other homeschool mom tell her sons "watch out for the ketchup!" and one boy said "what happened?"

Walking out to the car I guess Z told hubby that I was REALLY mad. In the car I had to turn away quickly after telling hubby what happened. Later he said that he thought I was laughing...or maybe crying.

I had a flashback. A similar thing happened to me at that age. I remember after a basketball game or some event we stopped at McDonald's and were eating outside in the front. My best friend at the time was wearing white jeans. Do you see where this is going. There was a packet of ketchup on the ground. I jumped on it. My friend was covered in ketchup. I will admit it was NOT funny yet I was joking around just like my son and my foot slipped....

Life is ALWAYS interesting in my little world.


  1. is it ok if I laugh?

    while it's not always appropriate at the time, I love stories like this for future giggles :)

  2. gotta learn to laugh at yourself in situations like this ...cause sooner or later you will be in one!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. We are a magnetic for these things! Picture this: Person in front of us gets a tray with four large milkshakes. No lids. Son is telling a story about how high the rocket flew in their little co-op science class. Just as he gets to the climax, man with shakes walks by. I am sure you can picture the rest...

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