Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hig Pig

I recently heard about this game and did a search to see what it was all about. Both of my kids love to find ways to entertain themselves while in the car or while simply waiting. Sneaking in a bit of learning is an added bonus!

Hig Pig is a rhyming game where you think up a pair of words and both words must rhyme. It the word has more than one syllable the second word has the same amount of syllables and  rhymes with the first word. You would start out with a single (hig-pigs) or double syllable (higged-piggeds) to start out with and then with skill (and a whole lot of imagination!) add more syllables.(higgedy-piggedies or higgedy-hig-piggedy-pigs!)

After you have come up with the rhyming pair you make up a sentence or phrase that is a clue to what the rhyming pair is. Here are a couple examples of a hig-pig- 
How do you get syrup out of a tree? with a sap tap
a wolf's song- a moon tune

Here are some higged-piggeds-
Who is someone that takes care of your dog while you are on a trip- a critter sitter
What type of dog lives in a palace? A regal beagle.

Then there is the more complicated higgedy-piggedies-
Who lives in the White House? the resident president

This would be such a good way to expand a child (er or MY) vocabulary. You could make great use of multiple meaning words or use it as a way to practice the meanings of your childs weekly spelling words.  Are any of my readers brave enought to try making one up?? PLEASE?


  1. Our kids like playing I spy on long trips. On our way through Wyoming they counted all the antelopes they saw. It is fun to have everyone in the car playing together.

  2. I've never played that game, but I've heard it played by others since I was a little kid!


  3. This sounds like fun. My daughter would love it because she loves words. ;0)

    What do you call a plump feline? A fat cat.

    Okay, that one was easy, but I'll try to think of more when I'm not so tired! LOL

  4. Meant to mention that I'm stopping by from the Crew and following your blog now. ;0)