Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh my goodness I'm 41

OK I've been 41 for 10 days. Today is my hubbies birthday. We went to some beautiful waterfalls in the afternoon and I took a bazzilion pictures. I also had made sure to take pictures of my husband with the kids and made him take pictures of me alone and with the kids. Recently I had to make a family page to go in our homeschool year book and realized "whoa...I did not have hardly ANY pictures of myself!" I'm always the one behind the camera and my subjects are normally the kids, the dog or nature. I want our children to have pictures of us with them. I'm not overly fond of having pictures taken of myself. No I do not think I am homely BUT I find myself picking apart a few things I do not like about myself physically. That is not a good mindset to have. God loves me and I am his creation. I also do not want my daughter to pick up on those vibes. Unfortunately she already does know C and I are trying to lose weight (we are at a standstill :( and she has asked me if SHE is fat. Not good. She is petite in every sense. So I am going to post a few pictures of 41. Oh and I'm not going to make a negative comment like I so want to. I will say a positive instead. I just got 8 inches or so cut off my hair and I LOVE MY HAIR! Love it!

I love this one with my sweeties!

I do have to giggle. I had hubby taking my picture and a few were "interesting" NOT ones y'all want to see. I thought he was taking a picture of my face. Well it wasn't. I busted out laughing when I saw them, not at myself...but that even after all these years he would get frisky like that.

Please excuse my blog as it is under construction!


  1. You should never be afraid of a camera, are so photogenic! Lovely, lovely.

  2. ok would you like to be paid in chocolate or coffee K?

  3. You're beautiful!

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. I love your new haircut, too! I bet it's so much cooler. I'm getting mine cut next week, it's just too hot! Hope mine comes out as cute as yours. Totally giggling at your DH, too. :D

  5. I can only HOPE I'm as lovely as you are when I'm your age. :)

    And your dh cracks me up, lol!