Friday, June 25, 2010

What every mom needs to hear periodically

"You are doing a good job mom!" from a stranger. I love when this happens. It happens quite often with my kiddos.

 Today because A~man got a certain amount of tokens this week ( a token system I started mainly for daycamp but also for reinforcing positive behavior at home) we went "downtown" for a soda and to play in a very cool old time arcade. (I'm dating myself...hubby and I used to play in arcades) When we were leaving the lady that was running the place came up to me and said "you are doing a good job mom!" plus a few other things that made me say thank you with a huge ole sappy grin on my face. : D

It couldn't have come at a better time as I was in tears last night. A~man stole a friends cell phone out of her purse yesterday and the little miss has been very sassy to me...but only at home. *sigh* I do my best but sometimes it gets exasperating. But to have people see that my children DO have good manners, they are not afraid to speak to adults at all...that makes it all worth while.

My two puzzle me though. At home A~man (for the most part) is respectful, helpful, cooperative, and affectionate. Z-girl? at home she can be sassy, disrespectful and She is hardly EVER  this way in public...A`man well he has most of his issues outside of the house. Go figure.

I love them so much though....I love being mama!!


  1. ooh, ooh, I think I may have a solution for you!! One week, you can keep A-man at home, and Z-girl can hang with us. The next week, we get to hang with A-man at your house (provided you get a new pool liner, of course), and you can keep Z-girl at our house!! Am I a genius or what??!!! (and yes, this IS just a ruse to get to spend more time with your kiddos who you have very definitely done a good job with lady!!!)

  2. yes, that is so nice to get stranger compliments on your mothering. we work so hard for so long and see so many mistakes via our kids behavior it is so refreshing to step back and see ourselves from a strangers POV, we are probably not doing as badly as we think! I need to remember to compliment other moms too.

  3. That is so awesome! Way to go Momma.

  4. The email address I had for you didn't work, so I'm just popping in to say thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck on finishing your quilting projects. They sound like fun!

    Keep up the hard work of being a good really pays off in the end! Just remember to enjoy it too!


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