Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have LOST Flat Stanley!!!

Yes your read that correctly. A friend from Tx had her son send his Flat Stanley to us...this is a character from a childrens book. This weekend we had a great family weekend planned and brought our paper friend along in hopes of taking his picture on the Appalachian trail. We managed to get his picture on the porch swing at the cabin we stayed at....then he had his picture taken with Z-girl and a really cool red bridge... and then after that we went looking for a trail head. While driving I said "could you get Stanley for me". Flat Stanley was GONE, nowhere to be seen! We drove back to the bridge we last saw him at. We turned the car upside down looking for he missed out on the AT and also on going to a maple farm tour. This sortof put a damper on my day which sounds silly but some 1st grader in TX was depending on me to keep this safe!! Tomorrow I am going to carefully clean out the car (LONG overdue) in hopes Stanley will come out of hiding. If not I may have to come up with a very witty story about his disappearance. The hubby jokingly suggested to say he was standing too close to the campfire! GASP


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  1. Oh no!!!! I hope you find Stanley soon...

    Jodie :)