Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PEACEFUL weekend

We had planned to go camping this weekend but it was off and on rainy and cold...cold for the south that is. ;) We tried our best to find a cabin nearby to rent but our area is notorious for leaf lookers and it seems they are all filled until the last leaf falls off the tree. The kids were so dissapointed....soooo we went to a new waterfal...a small one but it was so peaceful.

DH actually took a cat nap by the falls on a most comfortable rock....I found a comfortable rock myself to lay on while keeping an eye on the kids. After a bit we decided to explore some more and crossed the highway where Z~girl found another path. On that path we found some more leaves for our collection and yet another waterfall of sorts...more like a damned off area. I'm hoping to return there in a week or so when the leaves have more color.

Then....we went to Lowes to buy a fire pit. This is something we have been wanting for ages and I told DH it would be our belated birthday presents. (our bdays were in July) So we cooked hotdogs and made s'mores that night. Afterwards after a minor scuffle between A and Z they settled into the INDOOR tents I made for them in the livingroom.


  1. sounds like a great time was had by all.

    Had a long dream and you and A last night. :)

  2. OK Pesky...are you my aussie friend that changed her name? lol if so I received the coins today..please send me your addy (it wasn't on the package) as I have lost your address. I'm going to a fiber sale this weekend and I hope to pick you up some surprises to send with the koolaid. (what a weird response ;)

  3. Oh, I remember the tents in the living room days...((sniff)). So much fun! Once I heard about the s'mores, I'm thinking that a fire pit needs to be in OUR future, as well!