Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We found someone for our rental!!!

This has been a LONG process......more than two years actually. It is a young man with high functioning autism and he moved in yesterday to our little cottage house. DH has some jobs set up for him with a handy man friend of ours. He also is very proficient in landscaping. Yesterday he asked if he could pull some weeds from around our deck and MAN he did! He got those nasty chokeberry plants (that A-man taste tested last fall!) roots and all......the roots were about 3 feet long and thicker than my arm. He spent an hour working around the deck and it looks so much better. He knew all the names of the weeds/plants and everything about them. I guess he used to have a worker that was a horticulturist. I saw him working and would LOVE for A-man to be able to work doing a job like that.

So far so good!!!!

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