Thursday, January 29, 2009

My girl

These are a couple pictures of Z-girl gosh....3 years ago when she was in the play "Midsummer Night's Dream" I found some paper copies in my desk drawer today. I lost the copies off my computer last fall when my laptop crashed. (fortunately most of my pictures were on my main computer) They are not real clear but since taking them I've wanted to do something artsy with them. I have a few other similiar ones and was thinking of a collage.

Not sure why it's cutting off the side of some pictures?




  1. hmmm the pictures didn't load. I will be back later to figure out how to edit.

  2. sounds great...............
    need some help with your pics??

    Go to NEW POST
    In the top of the writing box up where you can see *FONT*

    Look across from there and on the far right of will see *spell check* (looks like a tick)
    The box next to that says *add image*
    Click on that and it brings up another box.
    Use it like you are posting pics on that other site we go too.;)

    the first pic you upload with be the last in your post.

    I usually put my pics on first before adding any works better for me....
    Then you can add text any where between the pics......